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WILD chasing and solving problems - the Let-Go method

WILD - Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming. You attempt to stay concious while falling asleep and will start your dream being lucid. Going to bed at night is the worst time to do WILD. Do it in the morning - wake up an hour earlier, don't turn the lights on, go to the toilet, lie back in bed and try then - your chances are considerably higher as you are already relaxed, rested and your mind is way fresher than in the evening. 

I trained WILD so that I am able to enter LD/OBE in a matter of several minutes. Really it is a matter of perfecting technique. Once you learn it you can do it even when going to bed at night. My usual routine is - I lie on my back, relax my body (Jacobson method, from face to feet), then lie still and stay aware of my body - I feel my body lying on the bed. My relaxation deepens, I lie still, unmoving even if there appear an urge to turn - I ignore it, concentrate on feeling my body, my breathing - then appear first hypnagogia - I hear people talking, noises close and far, see shapes and entire scenes, see the ceiling through my closed eyes. All that time I am aware of my body lying on the bed. The hypnagogia intensify, but I am not reacting to them, just lie still and feel my body. At some point I feel that I am no longer in my bed, that I'm moving. Then I look at my hands (Castaneda technique) - and BAM! - I am usually outside my building, hanging in the air.

That's all there is in it to me now, but it didn't started so easy. First time I tried I was doing it for hours until I made it - I was literally wasted from all that effort of relaxing (I relaxed until I lost feeling of my body - I felt as if my body disappeared I figured out that I can rotate to exit the body, but instead I flexed muscles and got back on my bed at starting point. I was exosted, said to myself, that's enough, I'm done - I gave up, turned on my side, curled into fetal position and started to fall asleep when suddenly I heard loud BANG! and was shot bodily into a dark tunnel. I followed it toward little point of light which was getting larger, until I got out of tunnel through it - I found myself flying out of a train tunnel, above tracks, under high voltage lines of traction. I managed to somehow pass between the lines and I soared above, into beautiful world. I noticed that the tunnel I've flown out of was a section of bridge over train track in the center of my city. I saw buildings from above, people, trees - and every single thing shone as if it was lit from within. I felt wonderful freedom and elation but after a moment I found myself back in my bed.

I found that if you want to get something the best method is as follow: First you decide your tactic, then you do all you can and more to get there using your chosen tactic. You keep on working and if you get it, that's it If you don't get it, then after some time, exosted, you stop and "give up". What I do then is I do something else, unconnected to the thing I wanted to get, something that completely absorbs my conscious mind. This way I throw the first thing out of my conscious mind and my subconscious mind is free to work on his own. This speeds things considerably and in short time later - usually several minutes - I have an "Eureca" moment - I know exactly what I should do. So I stop the distraction and come back to getting something - this time using this new tactic. And 9 times of 10 I get it.

This pattern of - trying hard -> letting go -> eureca -> getting it - I traveled through so many times it seems obvious and easy to me now.

The trying hard part is there to let your subconscious know that you want something. Then you let go and allow your subconscious to lead you to the place where all you have to do is to grab it. The time between the two varies, but it is faster if you totally forget about what you tried to do - you give your consciousness something to do so it lets go of the steering wheel and subconsciousness can take over and drive you there.

In the process of learning to get WILD, my relaxation time shortened with practice from an hour to half an hour, a quarter of an hour, to several minutes now. Relaxing is active and is my "trying hard", then I "let go" and am passive, finally I have an 'eureca' moment when I find that I am out of body.

My favourite method of problem solving is similar - I try as hard as I can to solve the problem, and when I can't think of nothing else I give up, take an encyclopaedia from my bookcase, open it in a random place and start reading one definition after another, trying hard to imagine, visualize, understand the things described by the definition I read. Concentration on encyclopaedia allows me to take my conscious mind away from the problem, so that the subconscious mind can take over. By the way, I learn a lot of random interesting stuff . Usually after several minutes of this I have a sudden 'eureca!' moment and have the solution to my problem - I put the encyclopaedia back and start solving the problem again using the insight I got. 

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