czwartek, 19 marca 2015

Lucid Living

Instead of constantly evaluating, thinking about what is happening, what happened, what can or will happen to you, try to be lucid in your waking life.

When walking, feel your feet touching the ground, your legs flexing and moving your body - become one with the experience. Try not to intelectualize it, naming it, describing what is happening to you. Instead try to feel it to the maximum possible extent - feel sensations inside of your body, feel the interaction of your body with the environment, feel your breathing, your clothes touching your skin, movements of air, sun rays heating your body, cold, warmth or hotness of your surroundings, feeling of moist or dryness of your skin - all that at once. Add to it noticing of everything that you perceive around you. Don't try to concentrate on anything - just notice everything that surrounds you - the path you are walking on, grass and street on the sides, people and vehicles passing by, trees and posts, animals, insects, sky and clouds, wind, sun, rain, snow, voices and sounds, smells. Be fully immersed in reality that surrounds you and you being part of that reality.

This is single most important exercise you can do everyday. If you do it properly, your mind is so overwhelmed by the multitude of signals to process that it stops.

Normally there is a little voice which describes to you everything that surrounds you, giving you names for everything, and each time the name creates a mental substitute which hides from your sight the real object before you, replacing it with a mental construct. This mental constructs surround you totally, so that you live in a cocoon of mental imagery and are oblivious to your surroundings. Your thoughts create imagery on the walls of your cocoon so that often you are blinded to the surroundings, which you navigate automatically, unconsciously - so that you are often surprised waking up arriving to your destination - your program has led you there unbeknowst to you while you were daydreaming and thinking. We go through our days and our nights mostly in that hypnotic, automatic, drone-like way, waking momentarily when there are exceptions from the norm which demand our attention.

This exercise stops the voice describing the world and there is silence. This silence, when it is maintained for some time - a time that depends on a person - from mere minutes to hours - dezactivates this cocoon. Suddenly the world stops, and you find yourself in reality - you awake in real life, experience Lucid Living. Through millenia this was called Enlightment, for everything that surrounds you looks as if it was made of light. We are made of light, and we all are inseparate parts of everything that surrounds us. Tat Tvam Asi - You Are This.

With practice we can learn to Stop the World on demand. And this is where magic starts, for when you are Lucid Living, you are like a man with sight living among the blind, and you can do things that seem magical to others - just because they don't know how you did them. But to you this is something normal - you just saw something and acted on it. This is called Sidhi. Some mystics travelled instantaneously, walked on water, healed by touch.

I wish all of You great Lucid Living, for when you Live Lucid, you Dream Lucid too, because as above so below, as below so above...

For we are one

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